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Maschere Veneziane are the products of a thousand year old Venetian tradition, the Carnevale, where once a year, before Lent, whether rich or poor, you could hide your face, change your voice, and give way to the pleasures of the flesh and gluttony… These masks are all hand-made and painted by local craftsmen, in Perugia. Made of papier-mâché, stucco, leather, feathers, and precious stones. No two are alike! And we don’t even attempt to sell them at and near Carnevale time, since the makers are swamped with orders. These are the best masks made! Chosen by such luminaries as Stanley Kubrick in his film Eyes Wide Shut, Walt Disney in their remake of Casanova, and of course the players in the Cirque du Soleil… We’ve decided to offer the entire menagerie of animal masks, and two standard classics, all hand-made and hand-painted in papier-mâché, with satin ribbons, for summer activities, parties, or simply as decorations. (When we run out of a given mask, the wait might be as long as 60 days.., so patience please.)

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