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The Bat’s Meow Condominium


The absolute “bat’s meow” of a bat house! Beautifully made and decorated by our friends in the Redwoods of Northern California. Using marine grade plywood for the back, and aromatic, red cedar on the rest, this condo smells so good you want to keep it in your house! As with all good bat houses, this has two compartments: front and back. The reason is temperature control. Bat’s like snug, warm places, but don’t want to stifle either. So, they can move from the back, where it’s warmer, to the cooler front, at will. You should mount bat houses at least 10 -15 feet off the ground, where they receive six hours of morning sun. You won’t regret attracting bats to your domicile, since they’re mosquito chomping champs, a single bat can munch 1000 mosquitos an hour, not counting other pesky insects! And emphatically NO, they won’t harm you. Bats are truly beautiful creatures, and they need our help. 24” x 14” x 5”, weigh 11 lbs

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