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Organic Soaps

KLAR SOAPS since 1840
The oldest soap maker in Germany! Philipp Klar started with soap boiling in 1840. As a journeyman he went all the way to St. Petersburg, Russia in the quest of perfecting his trade. He returned to Germany as a master soap boiler and opened a shop in Heidelberg. He started the soap-making tradition the family, five generations later, still maintains to this day. After World War II, Philipp’s sons, Hans, Klaus, and Theo took over the soap manufacturing with the company’s reputation for the finest soaps firmly in place. Klar has been producing the highest-quality soaps, using both old and new recipes for more than 173 years, this being the 5th generation! Quality and tradition have always been especially important, meaning only the finest ingredients are used, some of which are still manufactured entirely by hand, using molds that are up to 100 year old… Meticulous production processes,  involving five rolling operations, in the Heidelberg factory, produce highly concentrated, very economical, and fine soaps. Preserving the old recipes and processes are as important as the continuous innovation of the new, using organic plant ingredients. Klar continually engages in dialogues with dermatologists, customers, and perfumers to stay in touch with the latest trends.