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Zassenhaus Founded in Solingen, Germany in 1867 making small hardware and tools, the company has been making coffee grinders since 1887. Boy, I reckon they know what they’re doing by now! In short order they expanded into salt & pepper and spice grinders. These are implements of the highest order. Actually, the coffee grinders aren’t grinders, they’re mills. In milling they cut the beans, they don’t shatter them. The highest quality of hardened tool steel is used on the conical burr grinder, which is adjustable to whatever particular grind you need, from coarse to powder fine, with the least possible heat build-up, to protect the delicate flavors. The salt, pepper, and spice grinders, have cutting-edge, corrosion-free, ceramic (harder than steel) grinding mechanisms, which have six, coarse-to-fine adjustments. All of their grinding mechanisms are guaranteed for 25 years. The finest made, anywhere!

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