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All it takes is silica, borax, and potash, combined with heat, and some steel to paint it on. That’s all it ever took, in the rich 3,500-year history of enameling. Münder actually hasn’t been around quite that long, only 35 years, but then the principles did come from a very old enameling house in Hanover, that made house numbers pretty much exclusively. So they sure know what they’re doing, since two world wars crushed a lot of real estate, which needed rebuilding, and getting new enamel numbers! But that isn’t all Münder does! They are among the largest commercial enamellers around, that make everything from cups, dishes, pots and pans, to bowls and pitchers, as you’ll see herein. And no, it is enameled, not powder coated..! You can feel the difference. Colorfast, dishwasher safe, ecologically green, and oh so very cool.