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We Three Kids Candles

$12.50 - $32.50
Frangrance & Size:


These delightfully scented candles are handcrafted in small batches from our own rural town, Yerington, NV. The beeswax comes from a local source that is blended with an organic coconut wax to create the purest form of candle. Each are scented with certified organic essential oils. These long and even-burning candles release no pollutants or soot. The cotton 3-strand wicks are set without plastic, metal or adhesives, making the containers eco-friendly and reusable. 

AR01  Lavender, Coriander & Fir Needle 2 oz Tin    $12.50

AR02  Sage, Black Spruce & Vanilla 2 oz Tin    $12.50

AR03  Fresh Ground Coffee & Vetiver 2 oz Tin    $12.50

AR11  Lavender, Coriander & Fir Needle 8 oz Mason Jar    $32.50

AR12  Sage, Black Spruce & Vanilla 8 oz Mason Jar    $32.50

AR13  Fresh Ground Coffee & Vetiver 8 oz Mason Jar    $32.50

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