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American Bird Selection



In a nicely made wooden box, come six bird-calls for the following birds: Nightingale, Mallard Duck, Skylark, Owl, Mourning Dove, and American Robin. Each exquisitely made and tuned. When you’ve had some good conversations with these feathered friends, we’ll turn you on to more bird-calls from North America in subsequent catalogs. Have fun, but please take care! 

These beautiful, and among the most accurate bird-calls, were developed, designed, and made by François Morel, in France, from such materials as beech, maple, leather brass, rubber, and tin, since he was a child in the mountains of southern France. Each piece is a statement on craft with integrity! Not intended for children, hunters, or those that disturb nesting birds. As the company responsible for the calls, Quelle est Belle, clearly states: “We retain the right to refuse to supply people who cannot fully guarantee their respect for nature”. 

American Robin




Mallard Duck

Mourning Dove

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