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Derrick Salt & Pepper Grinder Set

Was: $99.50 - $189.50
Now: $89.50 - $179.50
Grinder Set:


Gorgeous, hand-crafted grinders made of copper finish hardware, with a natural Robles wood for the pepper and Gmelina wood for the salt. Each mill uses an adjustable burr grinder to bring out ultimate flavor from your salts, peppers, or spices. Hand-cranked, of course, no electricity needed! The shape fits beautifully in your hand with a “groove” for each finger. The wood is finished with beeswax, no chemical finishes, to be food safe. Made in Canada. If you buy the set, you’ll get a little Robles wood scoop to fill up the spice compartment.  measures 2 ½" x 8 ¾"

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