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Shetland Sheep Slippers

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SKU: GTAR719-4856
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These sheep come from the harsh Shetland Islands located in the sub-Arctic Atlantic ocean to the north of Scotland. They are small, undemanding and extremely resilient shorttailed sheep. The fine, soft, curly wool comes in many natural colour variants, from which we have chosen “moorit” — a very warm, light brown variety. They come in the 
natural wool color, with waterproof, rubberized felt soles.   Sizes 36-46

(Please allow  about 8 weeks before shipment, item will be charged at time of ordering). There may be shipping delays on these Magic Felt Slippers given shortened hours at the factory due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. We will certainly do our humanly best to expedite all orders, but suggest that you order as far in advance as possible, to avoid any long waiting times. Thank you.

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