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1957 Ford Custom 300 MicroRacer #1045

Was: $39.50
Now: $29.50


We unearthed these fabulous Ford Custom 300’s, which have not been made for over 30 years! Rare indeed. The only American prototype that Schuco made in the Micro- Racer series. We have them in the three colors shown. Complete with key, in individual boxes. 4 ½” long, 115g

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Rachel H, 01/03/2023

Very interesting mechanics! Has a lever on the side that acts as an on/off switch by disengaging the gearing to the rear drive wheels. This simultaneously locks the coil spring from unspooling so you can wind it, put it on the ground, then press the lever to start it going. Very cool. The front wheel steering is controlled by adjustments to the knob of the exhaust pipe. Mostly all metal with rubber wheels, very nice play thing and very clever mechanically.