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Drunk in Cart 1934

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PAYA (old, new stock) 
The oldest toymaker in Spain, dating back to 1902..! Always one of our favorites, because of their beautiful, and artful, color lithography, on tin. In their day, before WWII, they were the Spanish rival of Märklin, of Germany. These few toys, which we were extremely lucky in unearthing, are the last known stash of these fine, beautiful, and rare toys. Better grab ‘em now! We don’t know if we’ll ever find any more.

This little guy is known in the original Spanish as “Carrito Romper”, this toy dates back to 1934. Great wind-up toy!  Wind this guy up and his cart goes crazily rolling off. (The wheels are off- center on the axles, making for funny, drunken motion). 5 ½” tall

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