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#1038 Mercedes Benz 220S - White

SKU: 1038W


Schuco MicroRacers  1:45 Scale 
In 1954, with these small, heavy and beautifully realized metal wind-up cars, the world famous Schuco Company of Nürnberg, Germany began their most successful family of toys in their history. They all share similar running gear. The great innovation was that a child could “freewheel” the cars backwards and forwards, without damaging the gears or mainspring! Turning the exhaust pipe sets the steering. And so that Mother wouldn’t yell at us when they hit the furniture, all MicroRacers are equipped with rubber front bumpers. With their fat, sticky rubber tires, they can cut tight circles, or go screaming down the parquet floors. We suggest when you get some cars for your kids, get identical cars, in different colors, for argument avoidance! Each comes with a wind-up key and instructions. 138mm, 160g

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