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About Us

We are an employee-owned business with fourteen(14) normal people, that work hard at finding, promoting, selling, and shipping out, unique, interesting products, often made by equally small makers. We all really care about what we do. (Including our “carbon footprint”). More importantly we are NOT Amazon. We aren’t some gargantuan mega-business, with automated warehouses that can offer free shipping at the drop of a hat! We work very hard at finding products of the highest possible quality and worth, worldwide, that are not available on Amazon, because we simply cannot, and don’t want to, compete on that level. Thereby we support smaller makers of fine products, wherever they may be, because losing them as a resource would be a loss that we’d all suffer!

And in case you hadn’t guessed, Best Brushes is a Catalog endeavor from your friends at Lilliput Motor Company and Deutsche Optik. Through our work we discovered there was a real need for quality brushes, so we decided to put together a catalog based around that subject. Homo-Sapiens have been inventing, refining and using these tools for millennia. The only changes, really, in the last couple of decades, has been going to plastics and synthetics, which in our estimation, are the bane of quality brushes! For example: from when men decided to rid themselves of facial hair, it took a long time to arrive at a brush with which to suds up a face… It took even longer to arrive at a brush made with badger hair, which wound up being the best for the purpose. Now that you sort of understand where we are coming from, we’ll continue to add some compatible products that fit tightly into this genre, because there’s a lot of very interesting and hard to find products that you might find desirable and useful.

Many of these fine brushes are made by hand, utilizing only the finest materials. The handles are made of beech, oak, pear, ash, and olive wood. The animal bristles range from Boar, Horse, Badger, to Chinese long-haired Goat. The vegetable fiber bristles used, range from Tampico fiber gotten from the leaf ribs of an agave from Mexico; Palmyra fiber comes from the palms in Sri Lanka; Arenga from the leaf fibers of the Asian sugar palm; Sisal derives from the Mexican sisal palm; Coco fiber from the fruit of the coco palm; Rice Straw is a misnomer.., it really comes from sorghum from the Balkans. You'll be delighted with our brushes and other hand-crafted goods. We very much appreciate your business and THANK YOU for your patronage!